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The Sub@omic RICE Model the content strategy underpinning a hit cognitive website

RICE is an acronym of the 4 basic stages of online engagement with new Customers

< cognitive web design is 80% thought & 20% code  />

The RICE Model

Sub@omic's own RICE model is the foundation of our content strategy that underpins our Customer focused cognitive websites. Putting the Customer first when designing and developing a website ensures that optimisation of the website is something that occurs naturally.

Whose website is it anyway?

Once you realise that it's not actually your website but your Customers' then you're on right path. You are not the primary user of the website, your Customers are. Writing the website content using your own internal corporate language will not get you found on Google - your Customers speak a different language to you and will, therefore, search the web using different words than you do.

Naturally search engine optimised

The RICE model is built upon the belief that organic search is vital to the success of a website and that links from the results pages of search engine may link to any page on the website - not everyone is going to walk through the front door.

The RICE model

  • Relevance
  • Intrigue
  • Conversion
  • Engagement

A website that is written in the language of the Customer will attract high value Relevant visitors i.e. Customers. The cognitive approach is to show them what they want and not just what you want to tell them. Having secured the clickthrough the next stage is to create Intrigue by taking the Customer on a journey through the site leading onto an online Conversion that generates the opportunity to develop one time interest into long term Engagement.

Thinking Like The Customer

The RICE model helps our Customers to think their way around the website and plan their content so that nothing of importance is omitted. Yet the most insightful aspect of our model is the way it fuses web pages with the thoughts and actions of their Customers.

Being able to think like the Customer is a vital skill and the hallmark of a website which is set to receive and not set to only transmit. The 'Customer first' approach is one of the first concepts which Sub@omic works to instil as early as possible during its web strategy workshops.

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