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No two Customers are ever the same

"No two Customers are ever the same and the chances are they like different things to you"

Steve Whiting - Cognitive Web Design Consultant

All Customers Are Not Alike

You know what it's like to hit a great website; it's clean, it's simple and it's so easy to click - a hit website will feel as if you know where you're going, almost as if it's been purpose-built exclusively for you.

That feeling happens by design not by accident

One of the biggest challenges faced by anyone commissioning a website is trying not to build a website for themselves - after all, a website only exists for the benefit of the Customers and not for the company that commissioned it. more

1-2-1 communications

Intelligent use of digital communications means we're able to generate media and communications based upon the profile and/or preferences of the website visitor and greater personalisation will create greater online conversions and financial returns.

1-2-1 communications (whether online, on-demand or on-paper) are heavily reliant upon intelligent customer databases yet many businesses have not yet begun to develop such market intelligence. However, creating a website with the ability for Customers to login and share their preferences with your business is the first step to amassing such information.

Gather market intelligence

Sub@omic builds customer databases into the websites we design and develop. The data we collect may be used to tailor the content of the website, making the website even more relevant to the Customer; the data we collect may form the basis of an emailing list. Any securely stored data is accessible 24/7 and is fully exportable in open-source data formats.

We don't only just collect market intelligence data, we are just as happy to work with it in order to extract meaningful statistics, trends and knowledge.

Frontline intelligence

1-2-1 communications designed to engage personally with your Customers for maximum effectiveness have long-since been the holy grail of marketers. Quality data acquisition has always been a barrier to entry.

Instead of investing heavily with a list broker to provide widely-available address lists, a Sub@omic website offers you the opportunity to collect high quality information first-hand and begin building a personal 1-2-1 relationship with your Customers.

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Cash-in On 1-2-1

The true potential value of building 1-2-1 relationships with your Customers has become widely accepted with the floatation of Facebook. When Facebook went public and offered its shares for sale, what gave Facebook its huge market capitalisation was the potential for ad revenue it wielded. Facebook had spent years letting users freely pour personal information into the social networking site huge amounts of personal data; personal data which Facebook has free access to in order to deliver 1-2-1 ads relevant to the interests of the user. The more relevant the ad then the more likely an ad would be clicked. The capital of a social network is users and their connections.

Yet mining the value from personal data isn't necessarily new. For years, Tesco has been running its Clubcard scheme that, to the casual observer, looks like a loyalty scheme. However, the Clubcard scheme is solely geared towards collecting the data about everything you buy and mining your purchase history to find buying patterns and learn what you're most likely to buy next. The 1-2-1 communication comes in the form of personalised vouchers which offer money off what you're predicted to want to buy next.

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