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Web Design Process Step 2

æ Sub@omic's Web Design Process Step 2:

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Web Design Process Step 2

Modelling the needs of the ideal or target Customer identified and agreed by the senior management team in the web strategy workshop.

User experience

Following hot on the heels of the workshop, Sub@omic will begin to think through how the website may be structured; first and foremost we give prime consideration to what the Customer will want and expect from a website. Depending on the scale of the project, this research may be desk research or may involve meeting and interviewing actual Customers.

Search engine keywords

Sub@omic designs and develops website which achieve enviable levels of search engine visibility, the root of this success may be attributed to our belief that good search engine rankings happen once you begin to think like a Customer.

During the web strategy workshop you will be introduced to the RICE model and will begin to compile a list of search queries which you feel a Customers would possibly type into Google to find a business such as yours. This exercise is never a one-time exercise and upon your return to your business you're encouraged to continue working through the RICE model and develop a more extensive list of quality search queries.

It may be necessary for Sub@omic to conduct additional investigation into search engine keywords in addition to the work you'll commence upon your return. Sub@omic's investigations may be desk research or may involve meeting and interviewing actual Customers.

Your Customers

One of the most important concepts to grasp about your website is that it doesn't exist for your benefit, your website exists for the benefit of your Customers so not putting your Customers' requirements is a recipe for failure.

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