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E^volution Web Strategy Workshop

We start each of our website design consultancies by taking your senior management team through our web design workshop. The half day offsite workshop is an insightful and engaging opportunity to start thinking like a Customer.

Our web design workshop is run offsite, away from email, colleagues and ringing phones. The format of the workshop is part presentation, part lead discussion and our paper-based exercises ensure that every team member is involved and may contribute to the discussion. The purpose of the web design workshop is to arrive at general agreement for the website strategy. Steve Whiting will introduce you to the RICE model and extract as much information from your senior management team as possible in order for Sub@omic to produce a Design Solution Report that will bring together the requirements for the website, propose a bespoke design approach and accurately price the project.

Free from obligation

Attending a workshop will not commit your business to commissioning a cognitive website from Sub@omic, the workshop offers your senior management team the opportunity to openly explore your online business strategy; the workshop is run exclusively for your business, no other companies will be in attendance. The workshop presents an opportunity for lively debate and the challenging of existing conventions and it routinely ignites, excites and inspires participants. The output of the workshop will form the basis of our design solution report that you may contract with Sub@omic upon or share with other developers in order to compare and contrast offerings.

Maintaining a business focus eliminates the superfluous

Because Sub@omic develops bespoke websites we have no agenda, no CMS to force-up or shoe-horn your business into. The answer's always "yes" - you're working with a developer capable of designing and deploying a genuinely bespoke website exclusively for your business alone, therefore, your website will be able to do anything that you've seen any other website do. However, we'll always follow the answer "yes" with the question "why" to ascertain the business case. By maintaining your business objectives as the reference point for the web design specification we keep the website lean, thereby, ensuring that any functionality which may otherwise have crept into the web design specification out of vanity or naivety is eliminated.

Strategic website consultation with confidence

If, having agreed with the findings of the Design Solution Report, you choose to commission a cognitive website from Sub@omic then your web design workshop effectively becomes free because we will write you a cheque for the sum of your initial workshop. This cashback offer is subject to the launch of the commissioned website and is subject to terms and conditions.

Thinking like a customer

We require no preparation in advance of the workshop although there'll be lots to take away and think about. Perhaps the most important lesson that will be learned is the importance of being able to think like a Customer. For the vast majority of workshop attendees, getting to the top of Google is a key requirement and being able to think like a Customer is the core skill for any business planning strategic SEO.

Workshop Booking Form Download

If you're interested in a Sub@omic web strategy workshop and you'd like to find out a little more about the agenda and format of the workshop then please click the Doc tab above and download our workshop introduction which also includes a booking form as well as terms and conditions of booking.

  • Workshops may be held over a half day or extend to a full day.
  • Workshops are run offsite but may also be run onsite for your convenience.
  • We never double book - your management team will be the only company to attend the workshop and, therefore, may be as open as possible.
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of delegates which may attend.
  • There is no price-per-delegate the workshop is run at a set price and comes with a cashback upon launch of the website.
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