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High Visibility Websites

Securing high visibility on the search engine results pages with a highly ranked website is a top priority for many of our Customers; the good news is that our bespoke websites are pre-optimised and our Customers are able to do their own organic SEO.

Frustrated by your inability to get to the top of Google?

We build websites that fight their way to the top of Google - many of our websites hold a consistent #1 Google rank and, perhaps best of all, our clients do their own SEO. Sub@omic builds websites from scratch and we don't use an off-the-shelf, flat-pack CMS so we are able to search engine optimise each and every website properly during the build.

We don't believe you buy SEO off-the-shelf

The problem with most SEO is that it's done as an afterthought - you simply cannot retro-fit SEO onto a website, it's not something that you can simply switch-on or plug-in. Most SEO is sold by snake-oil salesmen and, as such, there's more bull, spin and hyperbole surrounding SEO than any other web design topic. Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not a black art and it starts by thinking exclusively about your Customers and what they think and not about what you want to tell them. Sub@omic's web design process makes sure that you start-off the right way. SEO isn't a subject for the techies.

Ranking number one in the minds of your Customers

We believe that an effective website simply articulates your business proposition and acts as an exo-skeleton for the business. Sure, getting to the top of Google is important but it's worthless if your Customers fail to convert because they don't see what they're searching for. Think like a Customer and you're already 50% of the way to getting your website to the top of Google.

In order to help you think like a Customer, we have developed the RICE model that draws the attention of your business upon:

  • Relevance
  • Intrigue
  • Conversion
  • Engagement

Generating content for a website is always far tougher than it at first appears. Using the RICE model, we encourage our Customers to consider what is really relevant to their Customers in order to shape and develop the content from which a hit website is created.

Keen to be seen at the top of Google?

Let Sub@omic help you get to the top of Google by building a fully optimised website that speaks the language of your Customers.

Our websites come pre-optimised and our Customers are able to manage their own content and do their own SEO without the time and cost associated with our intervention.

Change the question...

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SEO & Snake Oil Salespeople

Most people in business have learned their misconceptions about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from phone calls made by salespeople or from emails blasted into their inboxes from somewhere in Asia. The snake oil salesperson doesn't want to take the time to get to know you and your business, they just want to sell you their remedy and move on.

It is well documented that Google, in crawling and analysing your website, will take into consideration well over 200 factors before drawing a conclusion about the web page and your website. If, for example, your SEO strategy relies solely upon the use of meta tags (what the snake-oil salespeople would have you believe) then consider how dangerously exposed your website becomes when Google modifies its algorithm and assigns less weight to meta tags. Compare this to the resilience of a Sub@omic website where much more consideration has gone into what the other 200+ factors may be.

In getting to the top of Google you cannot rely on just one tactic and your activity must consider manoeuvres both direct (onsite) and indirect (offsite). The snake oil salesman selling SEO and the bloke down the pub will have you believe that SEO is all about keywords - it's not - ignore them!

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