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Steve Whiting - Cognitive Web Design Consultant - Sharon Whiting

"He manages to turn an aspirational vision into an executable strategy very quickly and economically."

Sean Whelan

Sub@omic's Web Design Consultant

You know what it's like to hit a great website; it's clean, it's simple and it's so easy to click. A hit website will not only articulate your business proposition but, to the Customer, feels as if it's been purpose-built exclusively for them.

That feeling happens by design not by accident

Our web design consultant does more than design and develop the website - Steve Whiting, works with the business behind the website and takes the time and trouble to understand how your Customer thinks and what they really want. Our web design consultant works to ensure that your website is fully in tune with your business objectives.

What our customers say about Steve

"Our enquiry was treated with a great deal of interest from the outset - the most pleasing part for Compass being the desire of Steve Whiting, from Sub@omic, to understand what we wanted from the website, what is was 'to do' and what we were seeking to achieve from the site. For example: did we want a site that was for information only, did it need to sell, take orders, interact with the customer and so on. We had found someone that was interrogating the purpose of the site and making us think more about it. Great!!"
 - Julian Tee - Compass Hotels Limited

"While Steve's knowledge of what it takes to make a website successful is unrivalled. His unique 'Sub@omic method' produces powerful websites that are built to succeed. Steve's expertise is second-to-none, but the reason I like working with him is the energy and enthusiasm that he brings to the projects he works on and this has made the work we have done together hugely enjoyable."
 - David Hughes - Canopy Law Limited

"Having considered a few other web designers, we selected Steve and now that our website is live, we know that we made the right choice! Steve has been very patient and professional but at the same time not too technical or daunting for us to work with him. His sense of humour and creativity has given us encouragement in an arena which has until now been alien to us, so thank you Steve!"
 - Bina Briggs - Plain Talking HR Limited

"It's been an absolute pleasure to repeat time and time again, project success working with Sub@omic. No mountain too high, geek language patiently translated into plain ol' English and never have I been able to rely upon someone to deliver on time and on budget whilst adding value I wasn't expecting. I'm looking forward to continuing the Astuto/Sub@omic relationship that always injects fun as we go!"
 - Emma Cowell - Astuto Design

"Steve is one of the best marketing guys I have worked with. He absolutely understands marketing ROI and everything he did was all focused on delivering value and opportunities to the front line sales team. When, a few years later, I needed a website Steve was the natural choice. He manages to turn an aspirational vision into an executable strategy very quickly and economically. The tools he uses at Sub@omic gave the project a tremendous amount of velocity and the whole thing was up, running and working bug free in a couple of days. In 10 years I have never actually seen him unhappy or lose his temper. A great person to work with."
 - Sean Whelan

"Since the first meeting it was obvious Steve is very skilled at what he does, he also really took the time to understand our business, helped me to think through what the website had to deliver and guided me through the whole process brilliantly. Finally delivering more than just a fabulous new site, but a whole new image for the business branding as well. We have continued to use Steve for further design work. I would highly recommend Steve ... the standard of service is excellent and Steve is so personable and easy to work with, as a client you feel very reassured."
 - Janine King - The Bucklersbury Clinic

"Without a doubt, the design of the website has had a massive impact on Live It Ventures' clients and has supported the development of a strong national brand identity. The company receives weekly calls from a range of advertisers wanting the company to associate itself with their media. Without exception the feedback from the public can be encapsulated in this simple statement - 'I love the feel and look of the website'. Mission fully accomplished! An innovatively designed website that oozes creativity, that is highly attractive and accessible to its female clientele and offers exceptional functionality for the user/business whilst engaging all the senses in a most inspirational manner."
 - Murielle Maupoint - Live It Ventures Limited

"I very much enjoyed our meeting and wrote in my journal that I found you inspiring and motivating, and that I love your 'can-do', 'just because we can' approach. Thank you for that - I felt uplifted."
 - Senior Learning and Development Officer - Local Authority

Do You Wish Your Website Felt As Good As This?

Drop Steve Whiting an email, tell him what kind of a website you're after and let him show you how achievable your business objectives really are.

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Steve's Background

Steve Whiting built his first website back in 2002 but he hasn't always been a web developer; he started his career in 1995 as an apprentice litho printer at Luton commercial printer White Crescent Press. After 5 years at White Crescent Press he'd run every Heidelberg in the factory and it was time to move on to a smaller general commercial printers in Luton at which he met his wife, Sharon. London beckoned and Steve left the presses behind him to become a Technical Assistant at the British Printing Industries Federation. During his 6 years running a technical helpline for printers and their customers Steve first began consulting with business and was tasked with acting as an Expert Witness for Member print companies that found themselves chasing debt through litigation.

In the late 90's the business world became aware of the Internet and Steve's advisory and consultancy role began to morph into a digital business consultancy role as printers began to adopt and integrate digital printing processes. In 1999 Steve had the opportunity to run the BPIF's annual technical conference for printers and pushed through a programme looking at the impact of digital. One speaker was flown in from the US and, 6 months later, Steve began working as Marketing Manager for this business,, as their first EU employee.

Steve's role saw him marketing the US dotcom business right through until the dotcom bubble burst early in 2002. Having essentially spent 2 years marketing the Internet to printing companies and realising that the uptake of digital technology would be slower than anyone expected Steve began consulting with digital print companies when offered redundancy in 2002. During that year he consulted for banks, software companies and printing companies but found little to challenge him. To promote his consultancy he built his first website in September 2002 and realised he'd found the digital challenge he was looking for. Sub@omic was born.

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