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Developing Your Identity Into A Meaningful Online Presence. We Call It 'Encoding Your Brand'

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Encoding Your Brand

Your website is pretty much the first point of contact with the outside world that your business has and it says more about you and your business than you could possibly imagine.

All too often we hear people tell us what kind of a website they'd like and they tell us "I don't want a lot, I only want X pages..." - how on earth would that sound if a Customer of one of these people heard that? To us it would sound like the person doesn't really care about the Customer's business.

Your website speaks volumes

The amount of forethought and effort you put into designing your website is blatantly obvious to anyone who visits it - your website is, therefore, your business. Sub@omic fiercely maintains that a website articulates your business proposition and, by that, we mean that you need to manage and train your website as if it was a member of staff tasked with impressing your Customers. The website needs to know everything about your business and, more to the point, needs to know everything your Customers want to know about your business, products and services.

Your brand is merely the perception of your audience

In today's economy a great product or a great identity are seldom sufficient to bring success - what's required is great distribution and here's where the website delivers to create your difference. Your identity is expressed through what you show, tell and do in front of your Customers yet, ultimately, responsibility for creating your brand resides with the perceptions of your audience.

  • You can have an expensive website and still give rotten customer service.
  • You can have a gorgeous logo but if your product stinks your logo means nothing.

A hit website articulates your business proposition

Designing and developing a hit website is simply a case of understanding how your business, its products and services interact with people and making sure that this user experience (UX) is faithfully replicated online.

This is what it means to encode your brand.

What Is A Brand?

Agreeing upon a description of what a brand actually is will nearly always divide opinion yet brands are something we all feel, they're personal. The word Microsoft will mean something completely different to each individual it's mentioned to, just as the word Apple will stimulate an emotive response. Whilst purists may argue over the semantics of a definition it is clear that brands are transient and fragile ideals that form individual connections with humans.

When it comes to defining what a brand is we turn to the words of Jared Spool, a user experience (UX) expert who said:

"From the receiver's perspective, brands are not something a company controls. They are the sum of past experiences."

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