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Speed and Precision

Sub@omic websites are designed to load quickly on any browser and on any platform.

Free from excessive code which simply bloats webpages

Websites are written using a page description language called HTML which we're sure you knew already. It is true that the more HTML is used in the creation and delivery of a web page then the longer the webpage is going to take to download. The longer you make your customers wait the more impatient they'll become.

Don't make your Customers wait

We code our websites by hand - each line of HTML is written by us knowing full-well that the more efficient our code is the faster your website will be.

Built for humans and robots

It's not only your Customers that'll thank you for your high performance website but Google will thank you too. You'll know that Google sends out robots (also known as spiders or crawlers) to analyse websites and calculate PageRank, well the less code your website presents Google to wade through the more likely Googlebot will be to make a return visit because it'll find it easy to understand what your website means - in other words, your website will be semantic.

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In a comparison test, we Googled "wordpress web design company" and visited the company listed first and compared their website homepage to ours. Firstly, the point of the exercise was not to claim that one website was bad and one was good - merely to select at random a typical website for comparison. We saved the HTML of the home pages of both website and found the following:

  1. The size of the HTML of our website's home page was 12KB -vs- 63KB for the comparison website
  2. Our home page loaded in 1.265 seconds -vs- 6.582 seconds for the comparison website
  3. The entire data download for the comparison homepage was 0.64MB -vs- 2.18MB for the comparison website

Our websites are smaller & faster

No matter how you look at it or whichever way you cut it, our websites are both smaller and faster than anything Wordpress seems to be able to deliver. To put this into some perspective, if you're working on the basis of the 8 second rule, the download speed of the Sub@omic website on that vital first-time visit is visible over 5 times faster and results in a visit of nearly 5 times longer than the comparison website.

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Just how good is our HTML code? Well, it's simple enough to find out - simply click the "view source" menu command in your web browser (for most browsers this becomes an option when your right-click a webpage).

If you look at the HTML code of the two comparison websites you'll see that the entire HTML of the Sub@omic website home page is delivered within 145 lines of code yet it's not until line 228 of the comparison website's code that the HTML even begins to try outputting the webpage.

  • Click the doc tab and download the objective test comparison.

Even if you know nothing about HTML it's a very useful exercise to download the comparison and review the HTML. We're confident that very quickly even a novice will be able to locate the actual words our website uses more quickly and with more ease than in the comparison website. Put yourself in Google's shoes - if you were Googlebot and were presented with both of these pages of HTML code which one do you think would be easier to understand? Google's job is tough enough as it is so why make things any more difficult for it?

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